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iron element


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On March 27, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy stood almost directly above the European Southern Observatory's Paranal Observatory in Chile.
Los Glaciares National Park appears in 1937, right in the middle of Patagonia in Argentina. It was declared a Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1981, thanks to its beautiful landscapes and fragile ecosystem, which needed to be recovered and protected from mans harm and global warming.
Finally! Sprint To Install FM Radio Chips In Select New Windows & Android Smartphones!
Probabilities of failing birth control methods
Twitter / EarthPix: Turquoise Cave, Melissani Lake, ...
Elephant-mounted machine-gun
Kayak Camping Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation
Aerogel, also know as frozen smoke, is the world's lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. If you hold a small piece in your hand, it's practically impossible to either see or feel, but if you poke it, it's like styrofoam. It supports up to 4,000 times its own weight and can withstand a direct blast from two pounds of dynamite. It's also the best insulator in existence.
Huashan Mountain in China
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Eemax electric tankless water heaters
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