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Irish Coffee.
Irish Coffee.


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Pin Up en el baño
Put on your lipstick and light up a cigarette first thing in the morning.
A swimming pool that was made to look like a river
something to think about
Miss Sausage Queen
pool table
Switchblade Automatic switchblade knife
70 Chevelle SS.

Pretty much my dream car.
Jesus Saves
NATO Helicopter
Jessica Alba photo shoot
Workout by Slawa on DeviantArt
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So why not give your house a costume too? #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Alfa Romeo BAT 7
So I found out today that Children's Hospital in Philadelphia has special window washers
Jurassic Park: The Revenge #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
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Angie Dickenson
Elegant pocket watch!
Alpine Shaving Set.
The lost art of style.
Dad taught us right. He also taught us to walk between our ladies and the street while walking on the sidewalk. Mom says it drives her nuts when he moves from side to side after they cross the street, but I'm pretty sure she only says that so she can try to make all the other women in the room jealous that their men don't even walk with them anymore!!!
Nixon Grand Prix Collection

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