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I wonder...
I wonder...
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That's Why
Real men respect women for who they are, not what they look/dress like.
Don't forget the smack!
couldn't agree more
Like a Boss!
Aida Yespica.  She looks troubled, like she's just stepped into a James Bond movie.
Sobriety Test Drinking Games
Almost the Same (42 pics)
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Gränsfors Bruks- Scandinavian Forest Axe, best you can buy
Catch Me!!
windmill ceiling fan in room
Friend wanted to throw a party
Gentlemen is a dying breed
Swing set on the dock.
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Funny Things

A lot of girls need to understand this -
Shaved Alpaca. The longer you look, the funnier it gets.
Friend of mine found this on his wall after a New Years party - Imgur
Some laughs while taking a dump
Redneck Limo
I bet the driver wears a camo tux