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I really had to do a double take
I really had to do a double take

Source: http://www.funnyatic.com/funny-picture-irish-girl-sunbathing/

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SOME MOTORBOATING MADNESS INSPIRATION. (motorboating gifs & pictures)
Love the monocle on Chewy
Pretty much.
Real friendship.  Indeed.
can I get a spot?
...and I dropped my nuts too.
not approved by Fred G Sanford
Dogs > Cats
Forgot how to bird.
Are your loins burning?
Life hacks.
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Men, make sure to thank your penis!
You give this to your girl on V-day and you'll definitely "melt" her heat ;)
Sriracha Chicken Strips
My wife will want this for sure
Teach our sons to treat women this way too!
Sliding secret bookcase door reveals hidden laundry room
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I hate winter
Some classic funny signs.
Toilet Paper Art