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I know... Its Bush's fault...
I know... Its Bush's fault...
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The truth about worry.
Wooden Boat Wine Cabinet
Sensual and sexy
Sad, but true :/
Dark Angel Jessica Alba
Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire Watch - Luxuryes
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Lifeblood by David Lloyd
August 11 - Carolyn Murphy
Legs... It's all about the legs!
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SpeedVault secure hand gun, easy access safe
This never gets old.
Johny Cash
The future of Obamacare mixed in with his Welfare Program
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My choice. You make yours.
Ronald Reagan- The last Great President.
I know... Its Bush's fault...
Crime rates rise sharply in cities passing strict gun control laws. The murder rate in Chicago is off the charts. In DC, the murder rate went up 73% during its handgun ban. As for “assault rifles,” in the Columbine & VA Tech shootings, no such weapons were used. But both were places where firearm possession was prohibited & the victims were defenseless.
Hey Libs!
Maybe this makes sense to Libs

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