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How strange it is to be anything at all.
How strange it is to be anything at all.

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I'd like to be the guy who untied that..
Craft & Lore Port Wallets
Manly Shower
Greg Shepard, founder and CEO of Affiliate Traction, is a seasoned veteran in online affiliate marketing arena with almost 20 years of experience in building and running sustainable growth businesses.
alina li shoot for jules jordan
Sleep Safe Tape
Hot hawaiian titties | Suddenly Tits
Anything cool.
Hawk smashing a squirrel onto a car hood just before it eats it.
WD-40 branching out into other markets. They are also hoping to launch a deodorant soon.
the first one to grab their phone buys dinner. If no one grabs it, they split it.
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Guess the web browser.
Parenting done right.
Mother Teresa
Wisdom from Abe.
9/11 tribute as seen from Brooklyn
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This works for students who *want* learn. As a teacher, not sure that I agree with running his line of reasoning out to its logical conclusion and allowing *all* kids to do this.
"life is for... living"
Colbert knows's what's up. Boston.
Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth. - Oscar Wilde.
I may be kind to many people, but the number of people that I respect is far fewer... // As I told one of my students this year, "You want respect? Then behave in a manner that's worthy of respect."