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How men fix things. This is all you should ever need.
How men fix things. This is all you should ever need.


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Filth Locker Gallery
perfect booty
Emma Stone
Summer days
Dapper Fox Neckties | That Should Be Mine
1950's photo booth
side boob
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Diane Lane
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Craft beer labels stuck to a table for over a year. There are no duplicates.
Story of my life
Pinterest? #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Ran a 5k as Batman (and won!)
never thought of it this way...
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Clint Eastwood with baby armadillo
Bat Woman
Who needs pins and pin boards when you have nails and workbenches!!
Live and Let Drive: 50 Years of Amazing James Bond Cars (All of Them!) | It’s been half a century since Sean Connery first brought James Bond to life on the silver screen. Since then, each new film excitedly raises three questions among fans. They are: (1) Who’s playing Bond? (2) Who’s the Bond girl? And perhaps most importantly… (3) What’s the Bond car? |
he said it all..

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