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How I feel about the last Twilight movie.
How I feel about the last Twilight movie.

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I can't believe this guys is trying to use a chainsaw without eye and ear protection...
True Dat!!!
CHEWY!!  What the hell?
Meanwhile in Switzerland
no abs, pizza
Things That Bounce Thursday (15 GIFS) : theCHIVE
Epic Fetch
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School Bus Logic
Life as an adult.
6.5 Explaining the Bermuda Triangle.
That's right, folks -- he didn't pimp a Civic!
White Native Americans.
No One Brings Dinner When Your Daughter Is An Addict (Huffington Post/Slate) // Interesting article on how differently people treat physical maladies compared to psychological ones...
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overly manly man
Talking to my non-gamer friends...
We get less intelligent every generation...
Poor Leo.
I think I found your problem.

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