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he loves his stick
he loves his stick


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Chuck Norris
Sad, but true!
Guys, you're not even authorized to use this channel.
Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Marker Gun
Havasu Falls Arizona
Too drunk to do Math...
Ladies beware.
"A number of..."
The Best (77) Vines For The Month Of July 2013 – An EPIC Compilation
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I am half way to work when I realize this.
This ferocious little guy was tied up outside the liquor store - Imgur
2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles
Never fails to cheer me up
Nissan Figaro
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made me laugh

Our unofficial mascot. The MANatee.
i knew it
slippery and sexy
Wise words
A baby must die.
every day of my life

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