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Hawk smashing a squirrel onto a car hood just before it eats it.
Hawk smashing a squirrel onto a car hood just before it eats it.


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dog sitter
Repurposing a barrel to make a simple house for one's pet canine
Face Plant
dog in paris
R.I.P. Shark Week 2014
military dog
doug the dog
Here's A Baby Koala - You're Welcome!
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A view of space shuttle Endeavor's flight deck - Imgur
Overly Manly Man Orders Dinner
Can not wait for this show to pick back up!
am I the only one who sees a face?
Ducati Diavel Strada Motorcycle
works for me!
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Black panther resting on a tree
What form of wizardry is this?
Absolute Focus
Mans Best Friend.
Nice Kitty
I immediately regret this decision!

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