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Hamilton | Khaki King Auto
Hamilton | Khaki King Auto

Source: https://oldnortheastjewelers.com/products/watches/khaki-king-auto

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Manly Things

Super Mario World Revamped
AEV Brute Double Cab(via http://realmansman.com/)
DIY Ladder Pot Racks
Repurposing a chair into a swing
HD People Are Awesome / Amazing Humans
F-22 breaking the sound barrier
Classic look
Gun Storage Behind Wooden Panel in Office
The Macallan-25 year old-1966 Sold for £600 inc. premium.  Wow.
Ceramic Tile that looks like wood.
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   Deckbagz - Haole Pink SUP Deck Bags
Ball Engineer Master II Collection - Ball Watch USA
Floating Wood Shelves - Maple - Custom Floating Shelves
Swiss Army Victorinox | Chrono Classic
Ball Watch | Trainmaster Cannonball S - Model CM1052D-L3FJ-WH
Ball Trainmaster Collection - Ball Watch USA
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Hamilton Watches

Hamilton | Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
Hamilton | Khaki Pilot Pioneer Chrono
Hamilton | Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
Hamilton | Jazzmaster Auto Chrono
Hamilton | Jazzmaster Cushion Auto Chrono
Hamilton | Khaki X-Wind Auto Chrono