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Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume


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Steampunk Meets Star Wars #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Dick in a box #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Ugab river. Brandberg. Namibia
Edward Scissorhands Jr? #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
The Hotel Stefanie – your best address for lodging, meetings and celebrations in Vienna.
Best Silent Bob Ever! #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Old school costume making by theshinyman and boy.
Duct tape, black marker, cereal boxes, styrofoam and a dollar store placemat (for the breastplate). #HalloweenCostumeContest2012
Love Is In The Air
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When someone is standing way too close to me in a crowded bar
Young JFK And Doxie
We Need A Sign Like This
Viking Longboat Conference Table
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VW Carving
Job Opening
When Ya Gotta Go
We Need A Sign Like This
Cool Mail Box
Cool Tatto

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