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Second Asteroid In A Month Sails By Without Us Detecting It First | Popular Science
Gulp! So the world could end and we wouldn't get any warning? Oh my!


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Aerogel, also know as frozen smoke, is the world's lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. If you hold a small piece in your hand, it's practically impossible to either see or feel, but if you poke it, it's like styrofoam. It supports up to 4,000 times its own weight and can withstand a direct blast from two pounds of dynamite. It's also the best insulator in existence.
Amazing Reality
Opal Creek, Oregon
F'ing Brain
Earthquake magnitude and the logarithmic scale
National Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal
Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc @ France
Reseasoning cast iron cookware

Great Idea
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El Hotel del Salto in Colombia
Mother nature wins at art!
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bigcajunman (9549866) United (who else?): "Every ticket, of course, guarantees a passenger a seat on the plane"
Things I learned from my father.
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Hot Rod Postcard | Zazzle
Spring Financial Cleaning (revisited) - Canadian Personal Finance Blog
Do Canadians Borrow For Wealth ?
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Found: A Map of the Entire Internet, As of 1973 | Atlas Obscura
NASA launches mission to study massive asteroid in hopes of preventing catastrophic collision in 2035 | National Post
Second Asteroid In A Month Sails By Without Us Detecting It First | Popular Science
Hot food, fast: The home microwave oven turns 50
1 Byte from 1950's Eniac