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Great for understanding people.
Great for understanding people.


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Unsure if sweet or abusive....
May 2012 Babe of the Month Lisa Ann | Pichunter Blog
tight T big boobs selfie
Hail Mary full of grace!  Offended yet?  Tough shit!
Modern Pinup
Russian Girl
Old Red Wings never die
So Damn Sexy | Sexy fit bonde babe in black and white
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All these pallet you know the best way to take one apart without f(*&king it up?
Pocket square techniques
What you are saying by your drug choice.
This Infographic shows just how much corporation tax Amazon, Starbucks and Google have avoided paying – and how that money could be used. For instance, it could help pay for legal aid, disabled benefits, NHS Nurses, drive the price down of tuition fees, pay for more soldiers and have more police on the beat. This graphic shows just how much the UK is losing out on.
moonshine made from day old donuts
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First Dick Clark's last new years. Now this.
Great for understanding people.
More New Androids Than Babies, And Other Surprising Mobile Facts [Infographic] – ReadWrite
Unique Ability
That's why he's the Dalai Lama.