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This is a great sign and I would like to see it posted at more places.
This is a great sign and I would like to see it posted at more places.
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big catch
Δυνατή μονομαχία ΠΑΟΚ - Σλόβαν Λίμπερετς
Mike Ditka
Gina Carano
150 pound inclines ken waller
Kerry Wood & Son
Muhammad Ali
Gordie Howe Stats from The Simpson
Carjack powered by the exhaust from the tailpipe
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Infographic history of NHL teams #Infographics #NHL

Damn southern teams...
John Wooden's dad gave him one for graduation and told him if he had it, he would never be broke. Starbucks recognizes it as a symbol of the 2nd Amendment. I use it to remind me of the 56 guys to risked everything to declare the United States of America as a free and independent nation. 

Be proud, pay with $2 bills!
S&W M&P.45
Classic ride with updated features. Best of both worlds.
The mouse is not fresh enough for the cat
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Things that go bang!

Thow will not enter my garden!
colt defender 45
SuperTuck Deluxe... Now this is a holster! Keep it concealed until you need to use it.
Gun cabinet built in an old vertical deep freeze.
▶ Range Time with Cory & Erika - Erika shooting Serbu BFG-50A .50 BMG - YouTube

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