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The food pyramid.
The food pyramid.

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Health & Fitness

Hardwork / Dedication
Goji Cream
No Excuses.
Kickboxing Challenge
British article on how food affects behavior in kids. // After watching this, I  wish I could revamp my school's cafeteria choices...
Susannah Collins was fired for saying Sex instead of Success
Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight LossFlorida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss
Cambiar la forma de tu nariz en casa ES POSIBLE
weight scale
I think this is perfect
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Four Keys to Preaching a 3-Hour Sermon, Part 1: Why Men Pay Attention to Sports & Movies But Not Sermons. #churchformen
Encouraging kids to recycle.
6.5 water
A good way to keep them from doing something foolish in a moment of lapsed common sense.
for a limited time (and if you have snow)
Bad Luck Brian
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Health & Fitness

Sensible fitness information.
this is why it's important to stick to a schedule
And this is why you're fat.
I hate the fact that healthy food (such as produce) costs more than junk food...
It's amazing how much stress a good workout can relieve...
Tips to reduce weight

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