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The food pyramid.
The food pyramid.

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Health & Fitness

why not give it a try
The rise of the metrosexual man
until I can...
I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.

Mound of Venus
Goji cream
Every Body Pilates | Strengthening Belmont, MA Bodies
Come far rallentare il vostro contatore di 2 volte e risparmiare del 30-50% sulla bolletta elettrica in modo assolutamente legale!
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Writing letters to NASA.
6.5 the water cycle
overly manly man
Boy and his friend
Sad thing is, this happens in real life and we don't show love to those who truly need it. // "The ones who are the hardest to love are often the ones who need it the most." ~ Peaceful Warrior movie
Obviously you don't know how wheel of fortune works...
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Health & Fitness

We can, and we will!
Now I know what I'm having for breakfast.
The food pyramid.
Rethink your drink. And people wonder why I drink water all the time...
"Buy honey made by local bees from a local farmer's market. The honey made from local flowers will boost your immune system from seasonal allergies." Not sure if it's true, but worth a try.
(with no exercise)

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