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Nailed 5 years 9 months ago onto the future residence

Fancy - Bubble Tank by Psalt Design
Fancy - Bubble Tank by Psalt Design


Nailed onto the category

My Life

Chopped Harley
Vans LXVI Footwear
True that.
Grilled Cheese with Roast Beef and Sweet Red Caramelized Onions ~ Sandwich Love
This is mostly rehashed stuff, I'm literally posting this for tip 1 and tip 1 only.
As if the blade isn't cool enough, the sheath is "aircraft grade black aluminum." That sounds just perfect.
I need to be reminded of this daily.
People May Hate . . .
sexy cosplay
Neil Peart doing his thing..
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A RooR bongs that's made from motherfucking GOLD? Yes Please!
Casio G-Shock Black Metal
stick man key holder
Fancy - Graff Ametis Collection Shower Head
Fancy - Cyclus Pangolin Backpack
Fancy - Imaginary Foundation by Mimm
Nailed onto the Bench

the future residence

Fancy - Elia Nightstand with Power Dock
I shall put this in my future home
clear bathtub
Are you kidding me?
Fancy - Cardok Mono Underground Parking
fidelity canopy

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