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Definitely getting this!
Definitely getting this!

Source: http://www.liquidcourageflasks.com/best-sellers/honey-badger-don-t-care.html

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spider webs in scotland
can i get a calorie count?
Renzo Romagnoli Black Dollar Texas Poker Set
I want bad!!
Handpowered power charger!
You can never have to many fire starters. The Prometheus from Base Camp X is a fire piston. If you haven't seen a fire piston in action I have attached a video. Definitely a Man's Man way of starting a fire!
You're damn right he did.
hitler and blondi
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Cold comfort: The stunning Dragon Residence at Sweden's Ice Hotel is based on a Mongolian theme and decorated with intricate wall carvings
Better Call Saul T-Shirt
Office tape dispenser
Hot Dog Spaghetti!
The 50 Funniest Facebook Posts Of 2012
Lego Key Holder
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Boat Wine Rack Glass Holder
Wow, very trippy but cool. A fridge that holds food items in sanitized gel and keeps them cold until you pull them out!
Fire glass produces more heat than real wood, and is also environmentally friendly.There is no smoke, it’s odorless and doesn't produce ash.
Man Candles - comes in a variety of scents like dirt, campfire, sawdust and coffee.
Man Spa
Bacon Egg Cups

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