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Def guilty
Def guilty

Source: http://t.fireden.net/t/fireden.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Guilty-of-not-...

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Redneck mansion
Scumbag dog.
The Ocean Is Angry
every day of my life
The truth.
Best Epic Fail Compilation May 2014! Ultimate Funny Fails
Little girls like them Chaotic...
Charades Anyone?
snow days
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Zelda Triforce Lamp: http://www.waycoolgadgets.com/zelda-triforce-lamp/

I just want this to say I have it
8-bit tie
Twilight's Alternate Ending.
This is an interesting psychological concept that I was introduced to regarding life altering injuries (like my spine injury) or chronic disease; you feel like it makes you less, but by looking at it differently, it may make you more.
facebook.com/fightthewolves - the new website goes live at 500 likes - only 40something more!
Mr. and Mrs. Pool
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Good Cause!
The big question
Not thought through
no more duckface!!
Missing Unicorn.

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