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death is certain
death is certain
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Spirituality & Faith

Things I learned from my father.
Want to be a dad like this...
My dad always taught me to respect ladies and to be a gentleman.  Has paid off with a wonderful wife and a teenage daughter who wants a husband who is just like her dad.
Holy Bible - My Favorite
The Answer To ALL of Life's Problems
Gentlemen is a dying breed
motto to live by
Excellent book on parenting whether religious or not.  Easy reading.
.stay the beach
The 2 most important days in your life
52 Major Stories of the Bible | BiblicalTraining.org
Thankful for my father's example and guidance who has influenced my life to be the father I am today.
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extra fine
Man Discovers Bear Cubs on the Side of the Road
flash nightmare
tiny home
tawny jordan instagram model
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rio grande big bend texas
NJ Governor Christie as a boy
smoking gun
I am the man
video cameras
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