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Darn Smokey...
Darn Smokey...


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 Thumbs Up! Zombie Garden Gnome - NoveltyStreet
You start tomorrow.
Men vs Women
I went for a run and realized I forgot something...
McLovin Sweatshirt
the times they are a changing
What a gentleman.
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Classic Garth
spa day
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Lawn of the Dead
Wooden Ladder Bookshelf
Kickass packaging for a box set.
So wrong yet so funny! I pity the fool!
Funny...and true
bacon cheeseburger dip
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How to keep Jehovah's Witnesses from knocking.
So wrong yet so funny! I pity the fool!
Wise words
Darn Smokey...
Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos) : theCHIVE
Enough Said