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Cut an old door in half, and turn it into a bookshelf.
Cut an old door in half, and turn it into a bookshelf.

Source: http://www.myrepurposedlife.net/2010/10/door-repurposed-bookshelf.html

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Hanging bed for swingers
be this guy
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unfortunately not common sense nowadays
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Cool art of the Red Power Ranger. Remember those days?
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Interesting view
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Floating bookshelf
Storm Shelter/ Safe Room	

Now's the time, but hurry. Tornado season is on us.
A simple yet funny explanation of gun right issues and related violence.
Security Mat
Where is he now?
Tried taking a picture of a sink draining, wound up with a picture of an eye instead.
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Arch Nemesis.
Black panther resting on a tree
Security Mat
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