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coolest dad ever
coolest dad ever


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Manly Things

like a boss
AnalogOne One Wooden Bicycle
Star Wars Yoga
Propane tank painted to look like a Lego head
bottom of my drinking glass
Man Enough for THIS Challenge?  Use the Workout Plan of Some of the Baddest and Most Elite Soldiers in the World.
Residential Renovation, Laird Jackson Design House - contemporary - porch - austin - Laird Jackson Design House
statutory rape?  Or Monumental Misunderstanding
armed notebooks
Emma Watson GQ Cover
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Is Seattle Really The Rain Capital Of The U.S.? (info's about 4 years old, but still seems valid to me) #seattle
Traditional Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick with Hound Dog Handle made in Ireland by Celtic Crafts 4U.
DIY Cigar Box Guitar: Part 1 - Introduction and Box Selection
"Smile At The Rain" Seattle by Beth Logan
Recycled Jack Daniel's Bottle Soap Dispenser
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Under the table hammock for Mini-Me.
Proverbs 22:6
All Season Sled for the kids (and me)
Live your life in the manner that you would like your kids to live theirs...
How to be a good father to Introvert(s) and/or Extrovert(s) in a Nut-Shell
Stylish Diaper Bags for Dads 
- Diaper Dudes® :: Messenger II

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