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Cool organizer.
Cool organizer.


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DIY & Tutorials

Create woodworking projects quick and easy! - Woodwork Review
Build a Backyard firepit
DIY Case
Pallet Table
New floor at only $1.44 per square foot. So awesome!
Great storage solution that the girlfriend or wife would definitely love...
If we have space for a theatre room
Sandbox with built in benches
Glow in the dark bubbles!!!  Oh yeah!!!
How To Build A Smoke House!
Gaby Kitchen Island
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I like it better than a porch swing.
I know what you're thinking, did he cast 6 spells or 5?
inked (07)
Might root for the Thunder because of this...
Fancy - Wine Helmet
Because when Chuck Norris calls, "Decline" is not an option.
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I realize that some of these have been posted before (flip flops & knotted bags), but there were some new ones on here so I thought I'd share. Not trying to report the same image a ridiculous number of time. *cough* how to tie a tie *cough*
Repurposing baseball bats into a headboard
Deck Cooler
Hidden Storage
Secret drawer under the book shelf
Cool organizer.

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