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conservative victim card
conservative victim card
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tree + house = sweet
fired from applebees
A professor's list
PIZZA SCISSORS / SPATULA - CUT n SERVE Stainless Steel: Kitchen & Dining
This is an interesting psychological concept that I was introduced to regarding life altering injuries (like my spine injury) or chronic disease; you feel like it makes you less, but by looking at it differently, it may make you more. Original nail here:
Mighty Vaporizer Review (And Crafty VS Mighty Comparison) - Vaporizer Freak
"Rifle Style" Umbrella
movie cave
So much beauty in this picture
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marty we need to go back
child concentration camps
hand on the bible - Trump
mueller versus trump
leave trump alone
ceo pay
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art teacher
daca and abortion
gop plan
trunks on a private jet
1 in 7 americans live in poverty
draft dodging