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kea parrot
australian shephard - eyes
Immature dog
puppies on a swing GIF
dogs purpose
Good day, Sir!
 Monday Blues | MyDailyPaws
raccoon is here
poodle moth
blyths hawk
bionic dog
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Custom Built Raga Guitar.
A short rendition of Raag Purvi to demonstrate the new Raga Guitar, designed and built by Luthier Josh Humphrey (, performed by artist  Brandon McIntosh.
How cool is this
Using the Force.
Weekend Project...Radio guitar Amplifier HOW to turn a tape deck convert radio into an amp "hackwired cassette player"
Beautiful Tone and Lindy Fralin Pickups that I want - Ron Plays Cosy - YouTube
Less can be more.
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Felis Silvestris Catus

Grump.E. Phone Home
Looks like our cats...
Normally I ignore these captions when I see them, but I really enjoy this one on several different levels.
Wonder if my cat would like this - CatShell by OPPO; can't read Japanese, but I'm sure it says cat's love it. ;-)
The Kitten and The Marine

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