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different types of dogs
coyote with dog toy
Tiger Power-sdzoo
Echo Flash Drive Colorblock in Walnut
military lab
dog helping
feeding time - bird
Golden guarding handler's bike - video
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ITS ETA Trauma Kit — The Man's Man
In high school, my best friend gave me a cassette tape that some "small band" gave him for free when he went to one of their gigs.  My friend said to me, "Hey, I saw this band last weekend, they're pretty rad, here's a tape they gave me."  I listened to like half of a song, and thought, "Man, these guys suck."  Threw the cassette tape away...  Awhile later, Nirvana - Beehive Music & Video, Seattle 1991(FULL) - YouTube
Outdoor Ukulele...for camping, waterproof...interesting...
You can try and argue...
Brooks Brothers "BB No1 Repp Tie"
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Grump.E. Phone Home
Black panther resting on a tree
Normally I ignore these captions when I see them, but I really enjoy this one on several different levels.
This guy takes stray cats, and turns them into performers...Dominique, The Catman of Key West
Wonder if my cat would like this - CatShell by OPPO; can't read Japanese, but I'm sure it says cat's love it. ;-)

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