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Camo Pistol
Camo Pistol

Source: http://hydro-fusion.net/gallery/3/

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Walter Payton
arnold - old golds gym
It’s week 4 and the NFL is upside down and backwards. Christian Ponder is outperforming Aaron Rodgers. So are Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez and even Jake Locker. Click to read the full article.
Michigan State Spartans Big Ten Tailsweep T-Shirt - Green
flying arm bar, 
Rumina Sato vs. Charles Diaz | MMA: The 15 Most Artistic Performances in the Sport's History | Bleacher Report
green's a dirty player
gordie howe fishing
Mike Ditka
Wilson Combat 1911 Contemporary Classic
Old School
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All the Star Wars characters in 1 photo
how i feel about meat
The only response acceptable
An older list ... but a great find ...

cuddle friendly movie theatre
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for those of you who dont know weapons jargon.
Chuck Box - Camp Kitchen
Thompson Machine Gun
Gerber Apocalypse Kit
Homemade AR-15 receiver. Completely legal, just don't sell them.
Larue PredatOR