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The Pont du Sart is a navigable aqueduct in the West of Belgium. This concrete structure has 498 meters long and 46 meters wide. Weigh 65,000 tons and is supported by 28 three meters in diameter concrete columns.
Photographer Phil Hart has managed to capture on camera a phenomenon known as bioluminescence that has turned the water in an Australian lake a fluorescent shade of blue. Swimmers who took a midnight dip in the lake in Victoria also appeared to glow in the dark thanks to a chemical reaction called bioluminescence.
Multnomah Falls - Portland, Oregon
B12 Vitamini
The Truth About Pot Potency | MANteresting Zine
The 10 most expensive hotels in the world.
Austria's Underwater park: A diver thinks about a sit down beneath the Green Lake
Probabilities of failing birth control methods
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VİTAMİN OLOJİ: Demir Vitamin Midir?
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B12 Vitamini
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Hamburgerde B12 Vitamini
B12 Vitamini İçeren Bu Yiyecekleri Tüketiyor musunuz?

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