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Cable spool rocking chair
Cable spool rocking chair

Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100762714820455&set=a.101007627...

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Sandbox with built in benches
Bullet Business Card Holder, awesome.
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Decorative slide
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I know these have been posted before
Step by Step - Hidden Pivot Bookcase Installation
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30 Incredible homes and rooms around the world!
Ha Ha
Brad Pitt's Troy and Fight Club workouts.
Doortop Stash
Repurposing a VW bug into a BBQ grill
The more you know.
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 Grilled Pizza Cone Set
21 projects w/ pallets
Zombies, burglars, ex girlfriends with grudges..
Vintage suitcase chest of drawers
LED accent lighting contemporary recessed lighting
DIY Secret Toekick Compartment

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