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Build you own Cistern
Build you own Cistern


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My Life

Knots to you
Flying A Kite, Cowboy Childhood Style
Maximize Your Popularity Among Music Lovers | Community Chart
The truth.
How to Tie a Necktie: Trinity Knot.  I recently wore this knot to a Christmas party.  Crowd Favorite.  Works best with solid or stripped ties.
Everyone has a plan.
Think about it...
Essential Knots: How to Tie the 20 Knots You Need to Know | Outdoor Life
Robert McGinnis Print
Eric Whitacre – Composer, Conductor, Lecturer
The rules for being amazing
awesome living room
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Gran Cenote, Tulum, Mexico
Totally Awesome.
Cool shelf
Date night ideas! My wife and I do something similar. We each pick 6 date of which is an overnight idea. Each idea goes in its own envelope and do not show each other our ideas. Envelopes are labeled jan feb etc etc. The first of each month we open our envelope and plan what day we can. Go on our date! Lots of fun and romance for your relationship!
The perfect BLT.
bookshelf of epic proportions
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Manly Shower
Built in Knife block
more bookcase doors...
Cool shelf
The perfect use for under the stairs space. Wine cabinet.
Nice little office...

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