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British vs. Americans
British vs. Americans


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Wear the pants.
#Halloween #TrickorTreat #candy
It's Day 10 of our Christmas Funnies - a festive laugh a day from around the web :D

We just thought it was pretty cool, but apparently this was actually a game released on Playstation 2 and Windows back in the 2000s ha! Does anyone remember it?!
True that.
99 Jokes, Comics & Memes Only Web Designers Will Get
... indeed
Cat Saturday
I´ve had so much fun with this
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Beauty under glass.
Sliding Barn Door
British vs. Americans
Guide to gang signs
Made from solid titanium billet the Skeleton Key by Triple Aught Designs is a must have mini-tool. Fits right on your key chain.
Sliding Barn Door
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Chuck Norris, the Early Years
Thug lyfe
Bah Ha!  This is why we don't do that pin place!
Because when Chuck Norris calls, "Decline" is not an option.
Guide to gang signs
British vs. Americans