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Boberg Arms XR9-S, an interesting looking micro 9mm.
Boberg Arms XR9-S, an interesting looking micro 9mm.

Source: http://store.bobergarms.com/collections/firearms/products/xr9-s-shorty-pisto...

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 CR7 Chronograph - Luxuryes
17th century poison kit
Zombie Survival Kit
How to build a concrete table top on the cheap and without any specialty tools!
Best remote ever made.
Emergency supplies? Mancave? Holding Cell? Who knows? Nobody, that's all that matters.
July 26 - Kate Beckinsale
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Tequila Guns - buy at Firebox.com
i want one!
Boberg Arms XR9-S, an interesting looking micro 9mm.
Freckles are Sexy
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Series 1450 Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle  |  Tactical Walls
i want one!
The Terminator would be proud.
The Rhino series revolver from Chiappa has a flat cylinder for better concealment.  It also has a pretty sweet looking barrel.  Comes in various barrel sizes and calibers.

  On a side note .....The Man's Man has not posted any guns recently out of respect for what happened in Connecticut.  It's unfortunate there are people in the world that don't value human life.  As politics around the issue heat up and the talking heads on the evening news tell us how evil guns are...Remember....People kil
PARA USA: Warthog
Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane