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Boberg Arms XR9-S, an interesting looking micro 9mm.
Boberg Arms XR9-S, an interesting looking micro 9mm.

Source: http://store.bobergarms.com/collections/firearms/products/xr9-s-shorty-pisto...

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nice night
Series 1450 Concealment Cover & Insert Bundle  |  Tactical Walls
A good red and fine ass | Suddenly Ass
I Am Charlie
High Boots
Jobs in Air Indus | Jobs in Pakistan
This is the funniest thing I've ever heard.  It must be done.
oval office under construction
This is why you don't take children to see adolescence-targeted movies! Argh, that kind of stuff makes me angry. Develop some boundaries for your kids, people, and allow them to enjoy their childhood -- stop allowing them to grow up prematurely because they "want" to do something and it ends up ruining their innocence...
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New and clean
R135 Wraith Combat Motorcycle
Language NSFW: Vytautas: Earth’s Juice - The Awesomer
2 shot pocket pistol, 2 round mag in the grip, .45 ACP,
Henry AR7
The Case for Beer
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Tequila Guns - buy at Firebox.com
Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane
Poop soap bar. Something tells me the wife wont dig it.
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FN Five-Seven