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Nailed 1 year 11 months ago onto Jesus... Ultimate man's Man.

Billy Graham on courage
Billy Graham on courage


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Spirituality & Faith

Benjamin Franklin
Love this man! The Possum...the legendary GEORGE JONES.
One step at a time
Pray For Boston Photo
Keep Going.
Fathers need to be this man to their wives, and this example to their children.
  RUN! | The Truth Is Inside You
Just A Words?
One step at a time
what if?
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47 Skills to Survive Homeownership
Beer stack for bachelors.  Oh, and Tecate is a great beer!!!
Palouse Falls State Park 3
25 Skills Every Man Should Know: Your Ultimate DIY Guide
These things are delicious
The serving size, discussed.
Nailed onto the Bench

Jesus... Ultimate man's Man.

Billy Graham on courage
Billy Graham on courage
As time goes on, we are seeing this more and more.
Love is the greatest thing we have to offer one another.