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The Best Bacon Dishes In America, YES MA'AM!!!!!
The Best Bacon Dishes In America, YES MA'AM!!!!!


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Manly Things

Lansky Fireman's Battle Axe
the bro code
Are you a Boss or a Leader?
Ceiling shower -- Wow, I might actually bathe every day!
Arizona Storms
Nice Surf
Great stair storage
Can’t See The Forest
For The Trees
Except For That Bear 
Taking a Shit
Right In The Middle
Of The Forest...
Chalkboard Wall Organizer
May 8 - Olivia Culpo (Miss USA/Miss Universe 2012)
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Billy Graham on courage
Pop out power socket!
2012 Growler Jaguar E-type for the 21st century.  Steve McQueen and Enzo Ferrari would both appreciate this.
Now this is wonderful.
Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche... the chopper used to smoke Bin Laden.  God bless the troops and engineers.
Asian sheepshead wrasse videos, photos and facts - Semicossyphus reticulatus | Arkive
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Chocolate Chess Pie
Twix Cake Recipe Oh My Goodness
Spicy Buttermilk Onion Rings with Buttermilk Ranch Dressin
Pizza Dip, can't go wrong with that.
Rocky Road Cookies
Top 50 Man Pleasing Meals DIY, I mean come'on, the name itself is worthy!!!!