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bernie sanders post
bernie sanders post
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This says it all
child's chair in an asylum
The Transparent Canoe...
Jack Daniel's Ready-to-Drink
Think about it
Dad taught us right. He also taught us to walk between our ladies and the street while walking on the sidewalk. Mom says it drives her nuts when he moves from side to side after they cross the street, but I'm pretty sure she only says that so she can try to make all the other women in the room jealous that their men don't even walk with them anymore!!!
Q: What has 40 teeth and holds back a monster?

A: My zipper.
Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
forrad bunk
The New American.
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thank a union
eric and fredo trump
sessions logic
wtf? trump quote
bernie sanders tax post
trump cover
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entitlements versus earned benefits
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tax cuts not seeing it
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