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Berlinlasers Green Laser Line Generator for None Mistake Alignment The operation of line measuring at quite longer distance is very hard to assure its accuracy. However, when green laser line generator gets correct selection of output power and laser lens degree, after proper installation on industrial device, green laser line can easily reach any vertical or horizontal surface clearly and accurately. This direct laser beam targeting line laser alignment has no labor force and low requirement of professional skills, while still making sure of none mistake line alignment clearly. http://www.berlinlasers.com/515nm-5mw-50mw-green-laser-line-generator
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basement at museum of natural history
Plantas de Pistacho y Almendro | Agroforestales ESLA
How to tie the 20 knots you need to know
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Chartruese Arch, The French Alps
photo via besttravelphotos
Page, Arizona
Earth's Atmosphere: ‘The Great Aerial Ocean’
Interlaken, Switzerland
this might help you get a job, or not.
Bee or Wasp
Bingham Canyon Mine - Biggest Pit in the World. 2-1/2 miles across, over 3,000 ft deep.
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