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Bestsellers & Interesting Facts on Books
Are you a reader? If not, then you should be! Books are a maybe a ‘boring’ way but efficient to a self-completed personality… Why? Reading will stretch your self-discipline, creativity, intelligence, distinguishing good ideas from bad ideas and countless benefits. That’s why diving in some good books is a great choice for a well spent weekend. Believe me it will help you a lot, and keep you entertained far from the social internet ‘mess’ and for sure will relax you, after a busy week.
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Knowledge is power.
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This diagram is a lie. // Evolution, by definition, is impossible to observe because of the amount of time required for it to occur (on a "macro" level; "micro" is observable). // At its best, "macro" an untestable inference based on scientific observations; at its worst, it's a misrepresentation of those observations. // Not trying to start a comment war; just want everyone to take a critical look at the evidence instead of passively accepting info that's been spoo
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