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The Answer To ALL of Life's Problems
The Answer To ALL of Life's Problems

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Spirituality & Faith

"But the greatest of these is love." ~ the apostle Paul
It's around you everyday. Poverty.
Always pays big in the end.
move forward and be you
The sin-stricken, guilt-ridden romance of Puritans on Valentines Day [7 pics] - 22 Words

A little theological fun!
So true
Wounded soldier saying the Rosary for comfort.
Talk when needed
Fathers need to be this man to their wives, and this example to their children.
Brennan Manning
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12 Ways to Build Ankle Strength for Top Performance
How to eat Paleo
How to get started as a runner.
leg, chest, and core blaster
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The Answer To ALL of Life's Problems
Prayer of St Francis of Assissi
dietrich bonhoeffer
As time goes on, we are seeing this more and more.