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andy borowitz post
andy borowitz post
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2 shot pocket pistol, 2 round mag in the grip, .45 ACP,
motivational poster
Music | Riffsy GIF Keyboard
Hermès Launches Tie Break App for Men - Luxuryes
Floating Bed Frame
Gun that a A-10 is build around.
Shoots 60,000 rounds per minute, each shell can eat 8 inches of Armor.  Turns tanks into sparklers!!
Live by it.
100 bits of wisdom.
Reasons Why I love Emma
Jay Z Bought Luxury Champagne Brand Armand de Brignac - Luxuryes
Peep Token NYC 1980s
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karem mcdougal and donald trump
bff trump and putin
$5 million versus $1 million
bernie sanders tax post
first lady
trump tiny hands
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kim jong vs nancy pelosi
trump called moron
gop and racist statues
will ferrell
rich people benefit
not like watergate