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Allison Stokke, hottie pole vaulter
Allison Stokke, hottie pole vaulter


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Officers of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment during the American Civil War. The first volunteer regiment to be formed after Lincoln's call for troops, the Regiment performed with excellence. They were among the last off the field at Manassas, despite heavy casualties, and may have saved the battle at Gettysburg when, on the second day, the 272 men remaining in the unit charged into and held off a advancing group of 1500 troops from Alabama. They also helped repulse Pickett's charge
Jamie ..
The Interpreter
Means Kick Ass Chick in Japanese
at the rodeo
breast squeeze
monday morning mind the gap post : theCHIVE
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Recycled Jack Daniel's Bottle Soap Dispenser
Smoke Bomb
AWI International Engine Rectangular Watch
Pretty much the guide.
I know these have been posted before
Sunny Leone
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Another sexy rock chick
Beautiful eyes
At The beach
She can sing to me any time.
Kate Beckinsale
GO talk to her!

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