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Jake and Elwood
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This is a great canoe for fishing! See where they are at!
Kokum Butter Shaving Soap by PetalPusherFancies.Com
Fat Burning Foods: Eat Your Way to a Six Pack!
Phorm Case: World's first morphing touchscreen
overly manly man
natalie dormer topless gq
White Lightnin' how-to.  I wonder how close this is to Popcorn Sutton's recipe?
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Attach Shelves to Your Closet Door to Save Space
Inspiration:  Home Library with Window Seat
MIMI Table Lamp by Kozo Lamp
Stamped Concrete made to look like wood
DIY patio bar.
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Boba Fett
Awesome hidden pantry
Beware pirate airships
I was watching YouTube videos last night instead - Imgur
Gentleman Jack Whiskey Bottle Lamp