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7.4 Fox hunting for mice under the snow. Animated GIF.
7.4 Fox hunting for mice under the snow. Animated GIF.

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"Sir", King of the Forest
The Truth | Manteresting
bird pecking a dog
karelian bear dog
a man and his dog GIF
He Died A Hero's Death
Awesome amputee elephant.
Elephant-mounted machine-gun
tired puppy
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Here's to celebrating individual differences in others...
Life is short.  Live your dream and wear your passion.
Asian problems.
You may be cool...
"I don’t wait anymore." Interesting blog post about what it means to "wait" on God for him to bring you someone to marry. Written from a woman's perspective but applicable to men.
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Life Science (7th)

7.5 arachnids
7.5 Urban birds.
7.5 animal behavior
6.5 invertebrates
Animals with parasites.
Scumbag hippos

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