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30 Incredible homes and rooms around the world!
30 Incredible homes and rooms around the world!


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Manly Things

Cool Prius
Equipment: Bug-Out Bag. What no duct tape?
Company Seeks Mars Colonists For Reality TV Series
Girls inked..
Four foot pizza means serious business. Where do I get one!
Minimalist bike
My master bathroom
Custom Gun Storage in Closet
Mum? Dad? That's right... DEAD
Great outdoor kitchen
100 bits of wisdom.
1967 Shelby Mustang Eleanor GT500
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He knew he was doing this
Rustic Shelving
Yoda Dog
The trouble with perspective.
Manly Shower
Eggs Benedict Burger
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"Sir", King of the Forest
Roof top fireplace
Even if you rode a moose, you still wouldn't be Teddy Roosevelt. Can't win.
Build frame above saving hammock