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100 years of change.
100 years of change.

Source: http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=84847

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The diving bell spider.
Essential Health and Safety Training Infographic
Why we don't have unicorns
6.8 Perspective.
Stop living off of the government people
Learn to Read Korean in 15 minutes
Hand Truck Woooops
How to Escape from Zip Ties
8 Cooking Oil Facts Everyone Must Know

Simple Bank Review: Find Clarity In Your Finances
How to make cinnamon roll pancakes.
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Grumpy Cat
A little Mitch Hedberg...
Yep. [Your] bad.
thou, thee, and thy/thine.
"The Father Effect" Short Film. Video by John Finch.
Dogs vs. books
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How to give a manly handshake.
This would be a great infographic except that the only place the Geological Column exists is in the textbooks. // Besides, since when does dirt pile up on top of things instead of erosion making everything flat???
I despise the idea of "Mother Earth" but the rest is certainly interesting.
ESPN article, "The Losses of Dan Gable"
A sandwich for every day of the month.
"Legal, regulated substances are more difficult to obtain that illegal ones." Hard to argue with that logic...

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