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Self-educated computer systems engineer working at a Very Large Software company. Adore equipment and cars almost as much as I adore women


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It was a very small world back then!
How the US economy is ruled by the 1%
My .50 caliber sniper rifle, it has an effective range of two miles, total range five miles. ...put your belly on the floor and pray that you are never the target.
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Superman may drive a Ram, but Real Men drive a Ford
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The cost of having millions of weapons in America exceeds the death toll of 9/11/2001 every six months
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Found on sale but they did not have a size 17
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The Republicans telling the truth at last.
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Next time you get stuck behind some old guy driving slow in a Buick, remember he was saving your ass before you were born.
The phrase was 'come home with your shield or on it' Spoken by Spartan women to their men going to War
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