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Batteries e cig

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We offer a wide array of e-cig batteries. From the beginner ego style batteries to the advanced 18650, 18500 and 18350 batteries. A good battery will provide you with hours and hours worth of power, allowing you to vape away all day. Whether you're using the ego style or IMR batteries having top quality batteries will give more power to your e-cig providing you with a better taste, more vapour and longer usage.

Innokin with its new release of the innovative and revolutionary batteries, the Innocell Batteries has proven to be a truly revolutionary company that is always thinking to make its products better an
LG HG2 INR18650 20A 3000mAh Battery is a 48.0 grams light weight battery and it can stunningly hold 3000-mAh and delivers 20A continuous output and 35A pulse output.