Nail It! Tool

Did you know you don't even have to be on MANteresting's website to post images?

To Nail images back to your MANteresting profile from anywhere on the web, make sure you grab our handy-dandy "Nail It!" tool below.

Nail it!

← Add this link to your Bookmarks Bar

If you are browsing with Google Chrome make sure you:

  1. Display your Bookmarks by clicking the Wrench Icon > Tools > Always Show Bookmarks Bar
  2. Drag the “Nail It” button to your Bookmarks bar
  3. When you are browsing the web, push the “Nail It” button to nail an image

Once installed in your browser, the “Nail It” button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your benches. When you use this tool, we automatically grab the source link so and credit the original creator.

For those mobiley inclined, on your phone, copy and paste the code below into a browser bookmark (you may have to create a fake one, from any page, and replace the link with this code). Then when you want to nail something from your phone, click the bookmark you made and up pops the Nail It interface.


To add a "Nail it!" button to your website to allow your users to instantly add any image from your site, use the form below:

Descriptions are optional but recommended; they will make nailing much easier for your users.

Add this code to your page, right where you want the button to appear:

Add this code to your page only once, directly above the closing </BODY> tag:

Important: you can have as many Nail it! buttons on a page as you like, but you only need to include the JavaScript once!