MANteresting is a community based website. We all have things we like and don't like. To keep the caliber of our content top-notch, we ask our users to follow these guidelines:

  1. Don't be a tool (pun intended)

    MANteresting is a troll-free environment. If your sole purpose in life is to harass people on the internet, we aren't the right site for you. We moderate comments and will ban users that do nothing but antagonize other MANteresting users.  

  2. Nail from original sources. 

    By linking to the original sources, you give them the respect (and web traffic) they deserve. Uploading images directly from your computer should only be used for images you have personally taken. If someone took a cool picture, make sure they get the credit they deserve. 

  3. No spam, seriously....NONE!

    Products made from corks, diet pills, workout plans, credit card offers, etc. We've seen it all. Every time a company or user spams our website a part of us dies inside. Go spam Facebook or Twitter. We have zero tolerance for this crap. 

  4. Flag content you find inappropriate

    The flag button on full nail view is there for a reason. To report content that is overly sexual, racist, hateful, girly, etc. If an image doesn't scream "I'm MANteresting", report it. We go through the reported content each day and make a decision on wether it should stay or go. 

  5. No overtly sexual content.

    "But we are guys and we like girls." 

    Yes we do too (our wives can attest to that). But we also don't want to become a soft-core porn site, or even maxim for that matter. If you wouldn't look at the picture at your office in front of your coworkers, you shouldn't post it here. If it's Not Safe For Work, it's gotta go. Don't like the rule, don't use the site. 

  6. Reach out to MANteresting

    We take this site very seriously and if you have a comment, question, or concern don't hesitate to reach out to us. We can be reached at

    Please see our Terms Of Service for further clarification.